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The height-adjustable stand-up desk for everyone. 

Ideal for the office and your home office.

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Natural posture

With a healthy back you are creative and successful.

Experts recommend height-adjustable tables at the workplace.


RISE is available in many beautiful colours.

RISE is made in Germany.

Adjustable in many ways

If you are 170 / 175 / 180 / 185 cm tall, your standing table should have a height of approx. 112 / 115 / 118 / 121 cm. RISE has a total of 5 steps. The minimum raise is approx. 34cm, the maximum raise approx. 48cm.

Healthy & Flexible

RISE makes every conventional desk a little healthier, whether in the office, home office or garden. You are always flexible.

Simple & Stable

RISE can be set up and dismantled within a very short time.

RISE is very stable and looks great.


A little change in the workplace can do a lot of good. Movement is important, as is a good mix of sitting and standing. With RISE it is very quick and easy to turn your own workplace into a dynamic sit-stand desk.

Sitting as a health risk: "How we can stay fit in the office too".

An article by t3n digital pioneers


Sitting not only weakens our locomotor system - since almost half of all employees in Germany have an office job, it is not surprising that back pain is the number one widespread disease in this country - but also increases the risk of overweight and heart disease. Lack of exercise can also affect our mental health and make us more prone to depression.


t3n shows how to stay or get fit by making simple changes in the office.


A standing desk is also a good start, a good addition and part of the whole.


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